Chinese Inventions-Kite

Sarah Tran and AJ Arbis

The Kite

Kites were invented over 2000 years ago by the Chinese people. Chinese kites were made out of silk and bamboo. Kites used in 1232 A.D. flew messages over the Mongol lines. According to historical record, the kite was first used in the military.

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Old Kites Used In 1232

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Modern Kite

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Flying A Kite

Other websites with further information about the Chinese Kites

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How The Chinese People Used The Kite

The chinese in the past used the kites as signal equipment. The kites signaled the chinese commanders on the field to do certain things. Different colored of shaped kites could mean different things to help give them that extra edge to win the battle. The enemy may see the kites go up, however wouldn't understand what they meant.

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