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Your Sample Is On It's Way! Now What?!

Your Sample Is On It's Way!

Jamberry nails offers the trendiest and most innovative "must have" product - vinyl nail wraps! Now you wear the designs you love, without the fuss and hassle of nail polish AND you can do it yourself right at home!! NO NEED TO BREAK THE BANK EACH MONTH ON PRICEY MANICURES!

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I invite you to take a look at Jamberry nails and become part of the new nail revolution. Wether you want to enjoy beautiful nails for less or would like to run your own innovative, flexible, work at home business!

I'll be touching base with you in about a week to see how it went with your sample! Don't forget to take the 7-Day Challenge and post your photo on my Facebook Page wall to be entered in a drawing to win FREE Nail Wraps!

What's It Made Of?

Jamberry Nails offers wraps that are non-toxic, chemical free and vegan! .. yes vegan !

They are available in over 300 designs and a "Nail Art Studio" allows you to customize your own wraps to create a one of a kind style !

If you still love polish and don't want to give it up, enjoy Jamberry's professional Nail Lacquer! Lasting longer than regular polish and without all those unhealthy chemicals. Jamberry is right on trend with this longer lasting, safer alternative to polish!

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About Me

I'm Lisette Ruiz, your Jamberry Nails Consultant! I love this product, and the opportunity it affords me to work from home and support our family. I love meeting new people, so I can't wait to talk more with you!