"They're Sending Us Away!"

By: Levi Young & Kennya Cimetiere

What are the different perspectives\point of view?

President Rooservelt, American citizens, Government, and Robert Mitori.

Rooservelt is very concernd about having so many Japanese amaricans citizens in the U.S. The american citizens were scared.The american Goverment wanted to fight back. But Robert Mitori was intrested with the guns but scared about losing his family.

What is the author's purpose for writing this article?

The author's purpose is to explain peoples view on U.S Japanese citizens after Pearl Harbor.

How dose the content of the article reflect the author's point of view?

The point of view of the author is very much against what happened because he makes it seem like the U.S japenese citizens caused the bombing. According to the author "Japan had launched a surprise bombing on Pearl Harbor."