Lightning Safty

A How-To On Staying Safe When Lightning Strikes

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Helpful Hints if Before Storm

  1. If you see lightning, get inside a house or a building
  2. Stay away from windows
  3. Don't hold or stand by any shiny or metallic objects while looking out side, or outside.

Helpful Hints If During a Storm

  1. Get as low to the groung as possible, lightning tends to hit tall objects.
  2. Stay away from trees, light pole, and anything tall, these are more likely targets for lightning.
  3. Stay away from shiny or metallic objects, for these too are likely targets.
  4. Try to get to a safe building/structure.

Info On Lightning

Lightning can strike at any time, and anywhere. Lightning usually hits taller objects because that is the quickest way to the ground. Lightning is created when negative particles are attracted to positive charges on the groung and the charges make a path for the negative charges to connect with the positive ones. Once the path is crated the negative charges speed to the ground and the movement is the flash of light we see from lightning. lightning can heat the air around it to about 18,000 degres fahrenheit.


I hope you learned some helpful info and hints to stay safe from lightning. I hope you take these hints into consideration when you encounter lightning.