Hillsboro Summer School Program

Credit Recovery & Grade Improvement

Summer of 2020


WHO: Any student who failed a required class during any year of high school (Credit Recovery Program) or any student who would like to improve their grade for a Spring 2020 semester class (Grade Improvement Program).


WHERE: Students will work on Edgenuity online at home for both Programs. Students will not be in the school building.


WHEN: June 1 – June 26. Students can work any time of day and teachers will be available from 8am – 8pm to unlock tests and modules on Edgenuity. Any course not completed by June 26th will not count and all unfinished classes will be deleted.


SIGN UP FORM: Please read the descriptions below and sign up for the Summer School Program you want to participate in. The deadline to sign up for either Summer School Program is June 10th.

· Credit Recovery Program: This is for students who failed a required class during any year of high school and just want to recover their credit. These students will follow the typical MNPS Credit Recovery process. If the student passes the Edgenuity Test For Credit or the Edgenuity Prescriptive Test, they will earn a P for Passing and recover their credit. Or if the student passes the Edgenuity Credit Recovery course they will earn a 70 and recover their credit. Sign up for the Credit Recovery Summer School Program here: www.tinyurl.com/SummerSchoolHHS2020

· Grade Improvement Program: This is for students who would like to improve a grade they got in a Spring 2020 course only. The student will take the course on Edgenuity and the grade they receive on Edgenuity will replace their original grade if it is higher. Students work at their own pace and each student is different, but on average, it is estimated to take 20 to 40 total hours to complete a Grade Improvement course on Edgenuity. Not all AP, IB, Honors, CTE, and elective classes are available on Edgenuity. Once you request Grade Improvement for one of these classes on the form below, your request will be sent to the district for next steps. Please monitor your email for further information. Sign up for the Grade Improvement Summer School Program here: www.tinyurl.com/GradeImprovementHHS2020 Note: If you would like to do Grade Improvement for more than one Spring 2020 course, you must complete this form one time for each course.