Demolishing Deforestation

Deforestation is a really big problem. How can we fix it?

What is deforestation

Deforestation is where people cut down trees for clearing space, mining, or just plain timbering for our supplies.
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Deforestation can cause many things including unnatural soil erosion, loss of food, moving animals habitats. The forest is a home for many plants and animals. If it keeps happening they will all just dissapear
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The causes of deforestation is that we cut down trees for pencils, paper, mining, clearing land, ect. If we cut down trees we should replant them. People aren't regrowing.
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My solution

Fiber is a plant that with heat and pressure can become hardened. Fiber can be used for paper, pencils, and all that we need out of wood. Using fiber plants it will cut down all the trees used and shorten deforestation