Banksmeadow PS Staff Bulletin

Term 2

WEEK 6 - 30th May - 3rd June

Hi everyone

I hope you are all having a great weekend. It is certainly a good weekend to spend indoors!

* Poonam will be in on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Brooke will be taking her class on Tuesday and Friday.

* Unfortunately Sharen is unable to continue working with EALD students each Thursday. Brooke will be taking on this role and will continue to work with the same students and timetable that Sharen has been following.

* In your pigeon hole I will put a small yellow sticker that is to be stuck on your blue heater if you have one in your room. This sticker states that the heaters should only be used when you have cross-ventilation. Please ensure you have your door and at least one window open if you are using your heater in the coming months.

* Lately we have had lots of students going to the office to complain they are sick when there is a casual teacher on their class. Can you please let any casuals know that if they have a student who complains they are sick, they must go to see their stage AP who will then send them to the office if they feel they need to go home. Hopefully this will eliminate some of the unwarranted complainers!

*Report Timeline

Friday 10th June - RFF reports to teachers/completed on ESR

Tuesday 14th June - Reports to supervisors

Thursday 30th June - Reports sent home

Monday 27th June - All Term 2 assessment data to be logged on ESR by now

Tuesday 26th July - Parent-Teacher Interviews

Reports will go to the following exec members:

Roxanne - Preschool Learning Journals, 1W, 6M

Annie - KT, 1/2S, 2S

Tina - K6WS, KB

Brendan - 3J, 4/5M, 5B

Liz - K6L, K6M, 3/4F


*Elise to SEPSSA Netball Trials


* LST meeting @ 8:15am. Please either add any students you wish to discuss on the LST Agenda (in Faculty-Teacher-Learning & Support) or email me to let me know.

* Extra dance lesson for senior dance group from 2-3pm.

* TPL meeting @ 3:15pm in 2S classroom. Marella from Pagewood will be delivering a TPL on Focus on Reading. Marella and I are "observation partners" and this will be her observation. Focus on Reading is a great program that focuses on the 'Super Six Comprehension Strategies'. This TPL will just be a brief introduction into these strategies. It will be relevant for all teachers.

* Interrelate evening from 6pm. Please remind students they will need to pay by Tuesday morning if they wish to attend.


* Exec Meeting @ 8:15am

* Preschool's Biggest Morning Tea 9:15-10:30

* Stage 3 Debating at BPS

* PBL meeting for Preschool @ Arncliffe @ 3:45pm


* Staff Meeting @ 8:15am