San Marcos, TX

The population of San Marcos and Texas State University

the population of San Marcos in 54,073, and the population of the student body of Texas state is 35,568

University Requirements to get in to Texas State

SAT: 920

Class Rank: top 25%

The tuition per semester

For 16 hours a semester it is roughly around 5000 dollars with living on campus.

Cuano es el dormitorio?

hay 25 dormitotios en la universidad.

Cual es la mascota

La mascota es un gato montés

what are the requirements to be in the nursing study

In order to get into the nursing program you need a 2.9 or higher GPA the nursing program consists of 130 hours, including 65 hours of Texas State core curricular and prerequisite courses; and 65 hours of nursing courses. No language needed

name two intresting things about your school that are not well known

Every year the seniors line up to rinse their senior class ring in the sanmarcos river water

Also after every game there is a huge star that is lit after every winning football game, it was originally a christmas decoration and this tradition was brought about by the janitor.

what clubs or organization dose Texas state offer that you may be interested in joining?

Personally i think i would be the kind of person to go into the band or maybe even something new that high school never offerd.

WIERDO and how to use it

In order to conjugate into subjunctive you need to do three basic steps.
1. Conjugate the vocabulary word into the yo form
2. Drop the o
3. Conjugate in subjunctive
After that your sentence structure should look like this:
The conjugated word+ que+ first subject+ details+ second subject+ ending details

wish, hope

Iimpersonal experssion

-Es importante que yo estudie mucho.





-Ojala que me acepten en la Universidad.

-Ojala que me guste la Universidad de TXST.