Jared S. Swanepoel

Quad Racer, Springbok and Suid-Afrikaan/Namibian

Descriptive Words about Jared Swanepoel

Some of these can be debatable in my opinion, or yours. Some of them, though, you cannot argue with.

  • Respectful
  • Timid
  • Angular
  • South African/Namibian
  • Quiet
  • Agile
  • Decisive
  • Mature
  • Hesitant
  • Keen

Influential People and Sports:

  • My Dad, Michael Swanepoel: Played on the Springbok Team and teaches me Afrikaans.

  • Uncle Gueffrey: Suid-Afrika Professional Quad and Dirt Biker Champion Racer. He brought me into Water-sports and Quad Racing Professionally.

  • My Nana: She supports me at every twist an' turn. We are closer than anyone in our entire family.

  • My Next Door Neighbor, Quincy: He is part of the army national guard. I usually ask him what happens on his tours and experiences in guarding the borders and the nation.

Favorite TV Show Series


It is a Canadian-based Television show based on their police special unit. (Canadian Version of the US Special Weapons and Tactics, or SWAT.) The team in the show are called the Strategic Response Unit, or SRU. I want to be apart of the Anna Police Dept. when I grow older, so it guides me in the right path. I have learned a lot from the cases they do. I have learned how to safely breach a hostile-filled building, correct tactical procedures, and more. I have watched it from beginning to finish, and its the best series I've ever seen, based on the police work that happens all over Canada.

Favorite Song

  • Can't Hold Us : Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Honestly, it tells me nothing can hold us back, no matter what the standards are. It tells me that the ceiling can't hold me to the ground, and that I can get back up to my feet, even if the odds are turned against me.

  • The Fighter : Gym Class Heroes - Tells me to keep on fighting and to not stop.

  • Centuries : Fall Out Boys - Explains that we have a long time to make a decision that may affect our life.

Inspiring Quote & Poem (Picture)

"Connect. Protect. Respect." ~ The Strategic Response Unit

Connect - Connect with the community and learn everyone there is to know, good or bad.

Protect - Protect the community, from the youngest child to the oldest elder; youngest animal to the oldest animal.

Respect - Have a gaining respect to everyone in the community, no matter what they've done. Respect the decisions they make, and they will respect the decisions you make.

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