Christ the Redeemer

A tour through the history of Rio de Janeiro


Christ the Redeemer, one of the most famous monuments in Rio de Janeiro. People started building it in the 1920's and its history started from there. It's gotten more and more famous throughout the years and is one of the most popular landmarks In the world. First off let's talk about how people thought of the monument.

What people thought of Christ the Redeemer.

People really like the statue as it honored the religious beliefs of the people. People thought of the idea in the mid 1850's and the thought turned into reality in 1920. Surprisingly the project was never approved until 1920 due to money restrains. In today's world, not much people think of it as a religious thing but more of a work of art. The artist highly supported the landmark before it was built and after it was built. Now let's talk about how it was built.

how Christ the redeemer was built.

The statue was built out of a material called soapstone which is like soap when melted down, It was also supported by reinforced concrete. It took almost 11 years to make because there were not much people working on it. It took almost 70 years to restore and they finally restored it in the 1990s. There were stairs and elevators also added to it in the 1990s. Lots of maintenance is done to the statue because of how old it is and what material it was made out of. Although the monument was famous in Brazil, it wasn't famous anywhere also. This is when it took off. This is the history of Christ the redeemer.

The history of Christ the Redeemer.

There were two proposals to build the monument before it was actually built. They created the event were Christ the redeemer was going to be built to crowdfund the project. The state was supposed to be a representation of Jesus Christ In a cross formation. The face was made by a man named Gheorghe Leonida. Paul Landowski was the and was the one to suggest reinforced concrete. Here's some random facts about the monument.

Fun facts!

Christ the redeemer is 98 feet tall and is one of the tallest deco statues in the world. The statue weighs in at 635 tons, a truck weighs about 3 tons. The Christ the redeemer is located the Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro. All the money from the statue came from Catholic Churches. In conclusion Christ the Redeemer is a tall man made statue that has a very religious background and is an amazing sight in Rio de Janeiro.
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