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Myths Related to Breathtaking Monument Taj Mahal

India is a country where various kings ruled and built many magnificent monuments. Nowadays sojourners come to explore beauty of all magnum opus with great interest. Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Khajuraho Temples, Elephanta Caves, Kanehri Caves, Mahabalipuram Rock-cut temples and many other mementos are on priority list. Each and every structure is magnificent in its own way and one of the most alluring monuments is Taj Mahal.

Agra is India Taj Mahal City in Uttar Pradesh situated on bank of river Yamuna. Astonishing erection of Taj was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Mausoleum is made up of white marble and beauty of tomb is just awestruck both in day time as well as full moon night. 20, 000 of mansions worked day and night for total 22 years and completed astonishing architecture. Ustad Ahmad Lahauri was the main chief architect of the glaring beauty. People from all over world come to see the magnificent elegancy of cenotaph built by an Inamorato for his sweet heart. Mosque, Mughal gardens, grand gateway, minarets, tomb are five main elements comprising whole complex. Several myths are also related to extraordinary mausoleum. Few of them are given below:

1. It is said that Shah Jahan decided to construct another Taj Mahal but this time in black marble on the opposite bank of actual structure. This could not happen because Aurangzeb imprisoned his father Shah Jahan in Agra fort to be the king of Mughal Sultanate.

2. When burial chamber was completed shah Jahan was standing speechless after watching wondrous monument. Fear aroused in his mind that no one would built exactly same so he cut off the hands of labor who built it and gave them lots of money so they do not have to work for their rest of life and can stay peacefully.

3. Few of the Europeans claimed that a European architect named Geronimo Verone constructed this stupendous building.

4. One more myth related to stupefying monument is after its completion within four years only it started tilting towards riverside. All such huge precautions and handling it in a very delicate way cracks originated after construction.

5. P. N. Oak who is an Indian writer claimed that before Taj Mahal was built a Shiva temple used to be there. In 2000 he filed a petition to excavate the masterpiece but fortunately Supreme Court rejected his petition.

Glamorous monolith is considered as World Heritage Site by UNESCO and millions of people every single day visit here. One who is going to see the places and beauty of Taj Mahal for the first time would definitely remain speechless and just adorn elegance of tombstone.