Early Ojibwe Winter - Biboon


Hunting in the winter

The Ojibwe could not grow any crops in the winter because it was too cold, Therefore hunting animals was very important. Men any boys hunted deer, elk, and moose. They used callers to attract animals and guns, that they had traded for with europeans in the east, to shoot them with. The men brought the animals home and the woman cooked the meat. In the winter the Ojibwe did not live in a main village, they lived in seprate camps with their families but sometimes if one family did not have much food than they shared it.


Life at the camps

In the winter Ojibwe lived in seprate camps with their families. While the men and boys where out hunting and the women and girls cooked meals, they made clothing like jackets and leggings. Older women made fishing nets and hunting bags, they also looked after small children and helped cook.

ojibwe wigwam in the snow

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