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Product testing jobs are as real as they come, though there are catches that many people have not heard of. It is very much possible to test products for new companies or old companies with new products. Companies need testers to determine whether their products are good.They offer money, free products, even gift certificates or a combination of those three for compensation.

The catch to things such as product testing jobs is that they are not really available for a full income replacement. They do not offer a means of a minimum $40,000 salary or benefits for their job. Instead there are things such as consumer focus groups which are paid. Consumer test panels are needed to test products; however they are only available for between ten and thirty people per panel. They often pay each tester around $100 for the two hours of time. You can sign up for larger databases and after putting in your information you can be contacted for those products which match your criteria for testing. This can be frequently or infrequently depending on the day, week, even month or area.

There is more of an opportunity for free products. These can be earned when you test products and in return receive free products as compensation. Often times you receive products in the mail such as a household cleaner and after use you report back, able to keep the product that you tested. There are sites in the UK such as product tester sign up which allows you to sign up your information and become a Tomy Product Tester. You keep the product, as mentioned, after reporting feedback. Product Evaluators offer studies as well as in-use tests for volunteers who are healthy to test cosmetics, skin care products, and toiletries. This helps companies such as Boots to ensure that their products meet standards before they are shipped to stores and sold on shelves. Get Paid to Review Products allows you to share unique opinions via your Acer chromebook you can buy at an acer store and get paid for your opinions about products. For each survey completed someone can earn $5 at minimum and up to $75 maximum. Free products allowed are nearly endless so you can test products that you are interested in such as beta game testing or cooking utensils or even car cleaning products. You then respond and get to keep your sample and well as free gift cards or additional products. So product testing jobs are in fact real, but they do not offer a means of full time monetary compensation.

There are many ways to supplement your income once you have an Acer chromebook, Acer iconia.


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