Vampires exist!!!

Real-life Vampires by: Megan Kopp

Vampire Bats

They do exist, and they live in Central and South America. They go after their victims, cows, horses, birds, pigs, and even humans, at night. They cut with sharp teeth and then lick their meal.

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Vampires in the water

There are water animals that drink blood. Canduri, lampreys, and leeches all drink blood.

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Vampire birds

The sharp beaked ground finch of Ecuador drinks the blood of other birds.

"Vampires" and Boobies

Vampire bugs

Kissing bugs, ticks, and female mosquitos are blood drinkers. Avoid them; they can carry diseases. Use bug spray, and wear clothes that cover you. Bedbugs also drink blood.

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Want to know more???

Read Real-life Vampires to find out about the different animals that feed on blood. There really are vampires.