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History of Grenada

Grenada used to be controlled by the US and six other did gain independence in 1974. There official language is English.
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What is the capital in Grenada and some other major cities?

The Capital is Saint George's and 4 other major cities are Grenville , Gougaup , sauté us , Hillsbourg.

Geographical information

Grenada is in Central America and the Caribean. Three physical features in Grenada like: the mountain of saint Catherine , Caribbean sea , Ronde island.

Political information

They have a democracy. There leader "Queen Elizabeth II " probably because Englad might own it but I didnt say who owned it so I'm not sure.

Economic information

They use money for currency. They have a capitalism economic system.

Tourist information

People should visit because it is relaxing to looki out you window and see a huge forest and not see big buildings. And you could go swimming at the Grand Anse beach.


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