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Week of September 8, 2020

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Working together; succeeding together.

Welcome to "Normal for Now" (aka Mourning the Foyer)

I have decided that I greatly dislike the term New Normal, and here's why...nothing about this is normal! I prefer to use the term Normal for Now as I still have hope that what we are experiencing will eventually end and we will return to what we all consider to be normal. In the meantime, as we experience Normal for Now, I want to assure families that the compelling "why" of our staff has always been, is now, and always will be to care for, nurture, and journey with your children as they grow in academics, grow socially and develop into the wonderful human beings they are and will be. We are wholeheartedly committed to our vision of Working Together; Succeeding Together.

As we are preparing the school both physically and procedurally to deal with Normal, for Now, we have come to realize that our greatest loss may be our foyer. Don't get me wrong, the physical space of the foyer remains, but what it was and should be has been stripped away (temporarily). Our foyer, as many of you know, is the heart of our school. It has been designed and furnished (by students largely) to convey a sense of welcoming, belonging, and openness. It has been a classroom, an auditorium, a gathering space, and a sanctuary. It is often filled with a subtle buzz of people; students, staff, and community. The power of the foyer was what it allowed, welcomed, and encouraged and that is the blurring of boundaries. It served to blur the lines between staff and students, it blurs the lines between grades and it blurs the line between community and school. It was our gathering spot our sacred capital. Now, unfortunately, it sits silent and largely empty. Stripped of what makes it special. It is left to be a classroom and a staff lunch room (for now).

Although I mourn, I don't want to sound like I am complaining, instead I am lamenting with a renewed passion to return to what was. For now, I have challenged the staff, insisted, to be honest, that they find a way to infuse the essence of the foyer into their classrooms. The essence of the foyer does not live in the foyer, it lives in the hearts and minds of every student, staff member, and community member of our school. That essence is one that does not respect the boundaries of staff-student, grade levels, or community-school and it certainly does not respect the boundaries created by a virus. That is the essence I refer to, each morning when I say "Keep Calm and Bears On". At PPCS we are a family and families get through tough times by sticking together, even when they can't be together. A sign on the staff room wall says "Together, we got this." It has hung there long before COVID and it will remain long after.

For now, we have to do things differently in our Normal for Now, but the nice thing about Now is that it is fleeting. Now lasts only a moment and then it becomes Then. Hope is a wonderful thing that creates When and When can become Now. We will keep our Hope alive and focus on When things get back to normal and celebrate when When becomes Now.

We Hope that all of our students are as excited as the staff is about When school starts. We can't wait for our When to become Now.

School Messenger App

Please download and register for the school messenger app. It is available on both the Apple app store and the android store. This will be our primary method of communication throughout the school year. This will be the method that all classroom teachers use to communicate with families. Please download and register so that you can stay up to date on everything that is going on.

Bears Athletics

Recently school sports have been pushed back to the end of September with competition beginning mid October. There are many unknows and many changes yet to come however we will pass along information as we get direction as to what is permitted by the Government, SHSAA, NESD and our NE Athletic District.

The Staff is So Excited!

Registration Forms

Forms are coming home for you to verify. Please return the form, even if everything is ok. This helps us to ensure that our record are as accurate as possible. Thank you in advance for your help with this.

PPCS ReOpen 2020

Get everything you need to know about what to expect at PPCS in the fall.
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PPCS ReOpen 2020 (Noon and Recess)

We Are Ready!

Daily Screening

Please use the following tool to screen your child, every morning.

PPCS COVID-19 Parent Guide

Please read the attached document which outlines the start-up and safety plans for PPCS (and all NESD schools). There is some school-specific information at the end of the document.

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