Tech Savvy PD

For LHS' 21st Century Teachers


Socrative (turning BYOD into clickers) . . . part 2!

We'll try out a full blown quiz and a Space Race.

Bring your packet from last week if you're a note taker.

Bring your questions and experiences to share, too, since I know some of you have already tried it out in class.

Heads up . . . I'm going to be surveying everyone about the following:

  • Would you use or like to see fiction and nonfiction eBooks added to our collection?
  • Would you like to see us invest in some class sets of devices (which kind?) for those who don't have them?
  • What are your biggest professional worries this year? (Not a small question, I know, but maybe it will give me ideas for how we can help in the media center.)

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Back lab of the media center.


During common planning before school . . . see specific dates below.


Same as last week:

Monday, November 17: Health &Physical Ed., Foreign Language, Music/Art, and Intervention Specialists, Guidance

Tuesday, November 18: English and Social Studies

Thursday, November 20: Math and Science

But Wait, There's More . . .

One Tech Savvy Tool Isn't Enough?

Check out the new Padlet (a virtual bulletin board) of Web 2.0 resources below. If you have five minutes to kill (ha!) listen to the podcast.

This Padlet is also where you will find tutorials on how to set up and use these online tools, which have been handpicked because they are relatively easy to set up and use and offer a big bang for a little effort.

Want to share your own great online finds? Just double click anywhere on the Padlet to write text or insert a link! Go on, collaborate!