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October 14, 2016

Register Yourself and Your Students as Members of SkillsUSA

Once you have officially established your SkillsUSA chapter, you can begin to register yourself and your students as members of SkillsUSA. Step 5 of the 10 Steps to a Successful Chapter focuses on the benefits of professional membership and the logistics of how to register your members online.

Why is it important to register yourself as a professional member of SkillsUSA? It’s one of the best ways you can demonstrate to your students the importance of the organization and the opportunities that membership will provide. As a professional member, you will receive online access to the following:

  • 2017-2018 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards (new benefit)
  • Jump into STEM! curriculum
  • Career Readiness Curriculum (CRC)

SkillsUSA professional members, as a free member benefit, receive the aforementioned items when they have submitted a current and accurate email address along with their membership details. The 2017-2018 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards is available online only to professional members as part of their paid membership

As a special membership incentive, register at least 15 student members in your training program plus one or more professionals by Nov. 15, and you will receive a SkillsUSA Framework podium banner.

Instructors who register with 100-percent membership plus one or more professionals will also receive a SkillsUSA Program of Work calendar (value: $5.95).

SkillsUSA dues for student members are $14. For instructors, dues are $26. Student members must meet both the state and national deadline to be eligible for national competition, serve as voting delegates or national officer candidates. The membership deadline is January 15.

To enjoy full membership services, names submitted by Nov. 15 receive all membership services for the 2016-2017 school year, including free items for teachers when applicable. Student membership runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 each year.

The Quick Start Guide to Online Membership Registration will quickly move you step by step through the registration process. Gather all the needed information from your students by first using the Membership Form to collect pertinent membership details.

The Membership Kit contains 24 membership cards for students. For more cards, call 844-875-4557 or email

Lesson Plans Bring SkillsUSA Champions Magazine into the Classroom

Fall is a great time to get plugged into the digitized SkillsUSA Champions magazine for an interactive classroom experience! Have students read the Fall 2016 issue’s “Two Nations Stand United for One World as homework or during class individually, in small groups or aloud as an entire class. Then quickly discuss the article.

Finally, use the discussion questions to help students apply the article to their own SkillsUSA experience. Activities are provided for practice and extended learning. Enjoy the connectivity with the magazine, but most of all, enjoy the integral linkage that SkillsUSA creates to your classroom. Quick link:

“Two Nations Stand United for One World”

Content Discussion Questions

  1. What is the WorldSkills General Assembly?
  2. What is the value of different nations coming together for this event?
  3. Why is it important to take time to craft and articulate visions for the future?

In-Class Activity, 30 minutes

Workplace Skills: leadership; crafts and articulates a vision

Materials Needed: large piece of paper or butcher paper (one per pair) and markers (at least one per student) Students will craft a vision for the chapter. Divide them into pairs. Provide each pair paper and markers.

Give these instructions:

  1. Participants at the WorldSkills General Assembly will ratify the 2025 vision for WorldSkills.
  2. Today, we will create our own visions for our SkillsUSA chapter for the year 2025.
  3. Consider our chapter in 2025, nine years from now. Think about our membership, service activities, educational opportunities, competitions and more.
  4. With your partner, use the paper and marker to create your vision for the chapter.
  5. You have 15 minutes to work.

Monitor groups. After 15 minutes, have pairs present their visions to the entire class or in small groups of two or three pairs.

Facilitate a discussion by asking questions including:

  • What were common components of the visions?
  • How will the WorldSkills vision vary from the ones we created today?
  • What will you do to help your vision become reality?

Extended Learning Activity

Workplace Skills: multicultural sensitivity and awareness; expands knowledge of diverse culture, race, religion and sexuality Assign each student (or pair) a foreign country. Students will research appropriate greetings for a business meeting in that country. Have each student or pair share with the class.

Plan Now for National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week, Nov. 14-20, is an opportunity to tell the story of registered apprenticeship and is an invitation to education, career seekers, community based organizations, students and workers to learn about the real-world advantages of apprenticeship.

National Apprenticeship Week is your chance to plan and host events that will showcase your organization’s leadership within registered apprenticeship. Raise awareness and promote the value of this career-based training system by using the tools available on this site to create a signature event locally, regionally or nationally.

Focus Your Students on Safety

CareerSafe sponsors a National Youth Safety Video Contest, in which students across the country are challenged to create a two-minute video demonstrating safety in the workplace. All submissions should be sent to CareerSafe by March 1. The winning students will receive a SkillsUSA prize pack as well as a scholarship up to $2,500, and the winning school will receive a prize up to $5,000. For more information, visit the CareerSafe website at:

Mark Your Calendar: Corrected Dates of Future National Conferences

Here are the dates of the annual SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference through the year 2020.

  • June 19-23, 2017 (53rd)
  • June 25-29, 2018 (54th)
  • June 24-28, 2019 (55th)
  • June 23-27, 2020 (56th)

Help is Only a Call, Email or Chat Away!

Everyone needs a little help now and then. Let the SkillsUSA Membership Hotline operators help you solve your problems. Hotline operators are ready to answer your questions on how to start a new chapter, engage chapter members and strengthen an existing chapter. Operators are on call from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. (Eastern time) Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from 11 a.m.–7 p.m. (Eastern) Tuesday and Thursday. Don’t have time to call? Send the operators an email at or chat with them online at the membership registration site! Call the SkillsUSA Membership Hotline Toll Free: 844-875-4557.