By: Megan Shuey

Country Basics

My countries name is Bulgaria. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. My countries flag has three sections. The white and red section of the Bulgarian flag is to originate from the flag of Russia used during the Russo-Turkish was of 1878. They green section of the Bulgarian flag replaced the blue strip because Bulgaria was developed as an agricultural country after its independence from the Ottem Empire in 1878.


My country Bulgaria is surrounded by other countries like southeastern Europe, and it borders the black sea between Romania and Turkey. Some major land forms in Bulgaria are the mountain peaks which are covered in snow to the valleys and lowlands giving way to the coast of the black sea. Some major landmarks are the Danube plain and Bulgaria is also known for thriving with the lush of vegetation. Major bodies of water in Bulgaria is the Danube River. Bulgaria has a harsh environment which is mainly because of there very harsh climates.


My countries government is Parliamentary democracy. Bulgaria has multiply leaders for instance president Rosen, the vice president Margarita, the head of government: Prime minister Boyko, and finally the deputy prime minister Tomisaw. Bulgaria chooses their president just like us by having an election. Some responsibilities of the Bulgaria citizens are that there are many sematic changes in the title of the project which indicate the theme from the sphere of human rights and their duties.


The Bulgarian government has delivered a very strong, steady G.D.P. The Bulgarian people use U.S. dollars and a $129.1 billion (2014 est.) The main export in Bulgaria is refined petroleum. The life expectancy is somewhere around 74 years. The birth rate is about 8.92 births/1,000 population. Literacy rate is age 15 and over can read and write. Drinking water source Improved: Urban is 99.6% of the population.


The traditional clothing of Bulgaria are amazing heritage of this Balkan European state because they come from the entire historical and ethnic territory of Bulgarians. All there clothing is made of either flax, hemp, wool, silk, or cotton. The main language in Bulgaria is Spanish. Some major holidays that the Bulgarian people celebrate are Liberation day, Orthodox good Friday, Orthodox Easter Monday, and labor day. The main religion is Orthodox. A famous food in Bulgaria is baked extravaganza. ingredients are white cheese, onions, cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, pumpkin.


They general climate in Bulgaria is cold, damp winters, and very dry summers. They average yearly rainfall is somewhere around 700mm. The mountains get up to 1,000mm or more. The average yearly temperature in Bulgaria is 8*C, 46*F. The climate is continental in the north and close to Mediterranean in the south.


The process of immigration of ethnic-Bulgarian to Bulgaria can be considered after the countries liberation from Ottom rule and the restoration of Bulgaria state 1878.

The Bulgarian-Ottom was were fought between the kingdoms remaining from the disintegrating second Bulgarian Empire and the Ottom Empire.

Compare and Contrast

Bulgaria's official language is Spanish which is different then the United States. The United States official language is English. Bulgaria's government is Parliamentary democracy and the United States government is a constitutionally government. Similarities: Bulgaria's food and the United states food, the voting age. Differences: Type of government, economy/G.D.P.



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