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Weekly Newsletter

9/28/15 Weekly Updates

As we wrap up a few more Summative Interviews, we are beginning our last review unit. (How exciting!) There have been some rumblings among the students about the speed of these review units, and I wanted to address some concerns. These first four units are meant to review most of the material learned last year in Spanish 1. Students are not learning these concepts for the first time, but instead are using the same vocabulary and grammar from last year in a new way (and perhaps with a new teacher).

Once we begin our units of new concepts, we will slow down. I promise!

Our new unit reviews some foods, places, and many, many verbs that follow similar patterns. We learned these concepts last year.

Curriculum Corner

Preliminary Unit D

  • Review Spanish 1 Skills - The verb ir and "Yo-Go verbs"
  • Review Spanish 1 Skills - Food and Places Vocabulary
  • Review Spanish 1 Skills - Stem-Changing verbs (coming soon!)

Your student needs to look over these words and concepts for 5 minutes per night!

Coming to a Spanish Class Near You!

  • Finishing up Preliminary C Summative Interviews - Wednesday, September 30th
  • Homecoming (Students released at 12:30pm) - October 2nd

Since we are reviewing last year's material, I am holding off on passing out text books until September. During the review units, the students have always seemed to prefer using their notes from last year to help them remember these concepts. If you would like your student to have a textbook now, simply email me at . I would be more than happy to accommodate your request!

Instagram Challenge!

If you spot Spanish being used out in the "real world", post it on Instagram and tag me in it!

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A Little About Señora Mills

I'm excited to be teaching for my fifth year here at ESHS! I love teaching world languages because it opens a whole world of opportunities to our students here in Excelsior Springs.

I have two Bachelor's degrees--one in Journalism from the University of Georgia and one in Spanish Education from Missouri Western State University. I also have my Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I went back to school to become a Spanish teacher because I had met so many awesome people from all over the world, and I wanted to positively impact others to seek out global experiences. Travel is my passion, and I love to discover and experience cultures different than my own.

I have two beautiful children, a patient husband, and two crazy cats. When I'm not teaching, you can find me cheering on my kids in their many activities--from ice hockey to dancing to soccer.