North Carolina in the Civil War

By Chasen Hunt


  • After Lincoln's election in 1860, secessionists called for North Carolina to secede from the Union.
  • When put up for a vote, unionists narrowly beat the secessionists. Adopted "Watch and Wait" policy to see if Lincoln could peacefully resolve the rebellion
  • After the opening shots at Fort Sumter, Lincoln called for every state to send volunteers to "put down the rebellion".
  • North Carolina refused to take up arms against the South.
  • North Carolina was one of the last states to secede on May 20, 1861.

Soldiers from North Carolina

  • North Carolina provided 133,905 soldiers for the Confederate Army, more than any other state.
  • About 8000 North Carolinians joined the war for the Union. Of those, about 5000 of them were black.

Civil War Battles in North Carolina

Battle of Bentonville

  • March 19-21, 1865
  • Largest battle in North Carolina, final major offensive by the Confederates.
  • After his March to the Sea, Union General Sherman planned to march through the Carolinas to meet up with Grant.
  • Confederate General Joseph Johnston assembled 17,000 to drive Sherman's 60,000 men back.
  • While initially surprised by the attack, Sherman's 3:1 advantage on Johnston eventually forced Johnston to withdraw.
  • Union suffered about 1500 casualties, Confederates 3400.
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Second Battle of Fort Fisher

  • January 13-15, 1865
  • Union had already tried in December 1864 to capture Fort Fisher but failed.
  • Maj. Gen. Alfred Terry is placed in command of "Provisional Corps" and 60 naval vessels.
  • Confederate garrison surrenders, eventually leads Union taking Wilmington, the Confederate's last seaport to the Atlantic.
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Civil War Generals from North Carolina

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