Edmond Doyle News 4-20-2017

Our students are almost finished with their big state test. We still have students taking tests Thursday and Friday. Thanks to everyone for getting your children to school-on time, rested, and ready to do their best. We have a few make-ups to do, but not very many thanks to great attendance. If your child hasn't finished their tests, please have them here Thursday and Friday. So far, we have been super pleased with the effort most of the children have been giving!

Pre-enrollment forms will be coming home today. Please fill them out as soon as possible and return to us. We need them by Friday, May 5th or sooner.

Please remember that attendance is very important. Your child cannot learn if they aren't here and when they are late-they start the day behind. No one likes feeling like they can't get caught up-please help your child be punctual.

We will know soon when the PTO fundraiser will be here. The products will be shipping on May 2nd. As soon as they get here-we will let you know so you can pick them up. Thanks for supporting your school.

Yearbooks are now $25. You can still purchase one. All school pictures will need to be ordered online at ruthkelly.com

  • Music Makers practices-Tuesday, April 25th & 26th-8:30-10:00
  • Music Makers performance-Thursday, April 27th-6:30-S.Arch Auditorium-be there 15 minutes early please
  • Outdoor Classroom for 2nd grade-Thursday, April 27th

Teamwork: "Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising everytime we fall."-Ralph Waldo Emerson