Daniel's Story

Written By: Carol Matas


He's tall with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

The SS Officer.

In one of the concentration camps Daniel was at he was assigned as the photographers assistant. He took a photo of an SS Officer and his family. Later that day he ran out to get some supplies for his boss when he ran across that same SS Officer. Sadly Daniel witnessed the

"Who are they to decide who should live or die? Who are you?" ~Erika

"I will not leave them." ~Auntie Leah

Daniel vs. Nazis

Daniel is a Jew in the time of World War II. During this time Hitler and his army of Nazis invaded parts of Europe and practically enslaved the Jewish people in concentration camps before killing them brutally in gas chambers. Luckily for Daniel and his father they were able to survive long enough in the camps that the Americans finally arrived before they were killed.


Auschwitz is the large concentration camp that Daniel and his father are sent to in the story after they were captured by Nazi soldiers.
D-Day - The Normandy Landings

"It's over. It's finally over." ~Father

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Daniel's took place in the countries of Germany and Poland
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Lodz is a a city in central Poland where large ghetto's where to house the many Jewish people in Poland.
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"If had the power of God, I would wipe the entire human race off the face of the Earth." ~Daniel

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Han (picture above)

Han was Daniel's best friend before the war started.

There Is a Light At The End of The Tunnel

Most of Daniel's life was lived as an unwanted Jew before he was finally taken to Auschwitz were he was abused and almost killed by starvation. Finally the Americans came and stopped the Nazis from what they were doing. It was than Daniel was finally free from the segregation of his religion.
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Rosa (picture above)

Rosa was Daniel's best girl friend while living in Lodz.

"The Nazis were so deluded, they still believed they could win." ~Daniel

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Carol Matas

Carol Matas was the author of Daniel's Story.