The Paper Waver

The new thing!

Why we invented this product?

We created this product because we know that many students are having trouble looking for things in their binder and then they tend to lose it. We thought of making something that would be educational and that would really help people during their daily lives. This creative and new invention was never in the market before. I think that this product really suits people from 12-18 because people this age are pretty this disorganized and many people get so frustrated when they lose their stuff in their binder.

How it works

When you get a paper from the teacher or when you get an important document, you just insert it into the white pad and it automatically saves it. When you want it, you just type it in and the hand attached to the white pad will find it for you, so you will never have to look for your papers. It also works like an agenda to remind you about upcoming events, like assignments that are due or tests coming up or other important events. It can help you be organized and the white pad is included too!

What could be better!!!


The benefits of this product are that you can learn to be more organized and you will never lose something you worked on that is worth a lot in school. This product is the best. it is touch-screen, solar-powered and it is kid-friendly. The paper waver is the best thing in the world. It can really help you! It is a lifesaver!!!

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Annie ( Yellows Inc. Business developer)

Annie was born in Montreal, Quebec in 2001. Future famous doctor. She is now recently big in Mississauga because of her invention with her classmates Hahn Li, the techie and Christina Mac, Actor ( for commercial ) and Business developer.