The Samantha Scoop

By Samantha Gillis 4/29/16

Diseases and Illnesses are spreading too much

Whether you get sick from animals, other people, or the air, it's spreading too much. There are so many ways you can get sick just from contact through someone or something. For example, just touching your nose, rubbing your eyes after petting an animal, or sneezing without your forearm are three easy ways for germs to spread person to person.

Infectious Illnesses need to be cured

People are currently working on curing HIVs, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer with vaccines, but not just any vaccine. A vaccine that is given after you have gotten the illness, instead of before to prevent it. Research for just for the background knowledge on the illness can take up to 2-4 years before they even start creating the vaccine, and sometimes it doesn't even work out.

Health for Americans is growing worse

We all know this, we just ignore it. Did you know Americans are not only less healthy, but usually die sooner than in more developed countries? HIVs, AIDS, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease is a lot more common in America than other countries.

Consequences for the Future

When you think if topics like this, you think of obesity, eating too much junk food, right? Well there's more to it. By 2000, AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria had killed 6 million people, what about 2030? 2050? In Haiti, in 2010, about 9 thousand people died from AIDS, in 2012, 13 thousand people.

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