Great Expectations

By: Sandra Hand



Bentley Drummle


Mr. Pumblechook

Miss Havisham

Mr. Jaggers

Abel Magwitch


John Wemmick

Joe Gargery


Main Conflict

The main conflict in this novel is against Pip and his conscience. He tries to accomplish great things in his life but has to keep his values in mind. He also needs to find where his priorities lay. The transition from a young boy to a man challenges his values when he's faced with important decisions that can affect his life.

Falling action

One part of the falling action is when Joe comes to Pip's aid after the fire and Pip apologizes for the way he acted and begs for his forgiveness. They both become friends again. This is a transition to Pip realizing where he belongs.


The resolution is when Pip returns to the forge and country life after realizing that's where he belongs and he doesn't have a future with Estella. He also realizes what's really important in life, which is kindness and not popularity.