My Poems

By: Tristan Loving (aka Shakespeare)

The Fun Ride

One day I almost died,

riding a dangerous ride!

I was sure that I was doomed,

when I heard the breaks go BOOM!

Now I no longer had to pee,

when it stopped I smiled with glee.

The Banana Cabana

There was a Banana Cabana,

Located in the state of Montana!

And an expensive car that goes vroom vroom,

but when it crashes it goes boom boom!

Potato Love

There was a potato,

that was named pototo,

He met a tomato,

her name was tomoto.

Haikus... :(

How many words will fit,

into this haiku format,

Oh no I'm out of

The Best Grades!

It is very unclear,

even while try hard,

I'll never get a good grade this year!

The Mean Man

I really want to shove,

the get that always offends,

my family and I,

so I'll tear off both his hands.

There is Always That One Annoying Man!

There was a man,

he was annoying,

I hated him a lot,

so I shoved him of a cliff.