Jessica Campagnuolo Hour 3

Get Vaccined Because...

  • Opting out puts public health at risk
  • Could lead to resurgence of of dangerous diseases
  • Wide majority of pediatricians believe delaying vaccination put children at risk for diseases like measles and whooping cough
  • Vaccines improve immunity to certain diseases
  • People should be afraid of the virus, not the vaccine
  • Prevention advises parents to follow a strict vaccinatin schedule

However, Don't Get Vaccinated Because...

  • The MMR vaccine can cause possibly autism
  • Some believe that the vaccine policy making is totally inadequate and and bordering dangerous
  • One in five Albertans believe vaccinations can cause autism

What Are Non-Vaccinaters Against?

I believe that you should vaccine your children to keep them safe from harmful diseases!

Why Do People Not Vaccinate?

Some do not vaccinate themselves and/or their children because of their beliefs. Others do not vaccinate because they believe that they cause more harm and risks to young children than help them fight off deadly diseases. Anybody who does not vaccinate has their own purpose for doing so.