Perseverance Till the End

By: Andrea Barbosa


Perseverance can mean over coming challenges despite the difficulties. And many people all over the world are having to persevere all the time, and they have over come their difficulties and did something amazing. Today I will share their inspirational stories because they have persevered till the end.

Oyuna (I road a horse of Milk White Jade)

Oyuna is a girl who was almost "Cursed", when she was little a horse ran over her foot and broke it, her parents couldn't fix it because they were poor. One night when a storm was arriving her mother got killed by lighting and her and her father had to leave their home. Finally the one time Oyuna got good luck it was taken away and got worse, Oyuna had the change to get a new horse, the horse of her choice but people came and took her horse away and in order to get her horse back she had to change to a boy and join the army. Along the way she had tough challenges like trying to keep her secret and dealing with the pain she had to deal with. Oyuna persevered through a ton of things to get were she needed to be.