Angels of the BattleField

How Clara Barton Saved Thousands

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Who Is Clara

  • Clara was a nurse during the civil war. She started by taking medical supplies to the young men of the Sixth Massachusetts Infantry who had been attacked in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Barton prodded leaders in the government and the army until she was given passes to bring her voluntary services and medical supplies to the scenes of battle and field hospitals. Following the battle of Cedar Mountain in northern Virginia in August 1862, she appeared at a field hospital at midnight with a wagon-load of supplies drawn by a four-mule team. The surgeon on duty, overwhelmed by the human disaster surrounding him, wrote later, “I thought that night if heaven ever sent out an angel, she must be one—her assistance was so timely.” Thereafter she was known as the “Angel of the Battlefield”.
  • Barton climaxed her Civil War activity when she participated in establishing a national cemetery around the graves of the Union men who died in the notorious Andersonville Prison in Georgia.
  • After the war ended in 1865, Clara Barton worked for the War Department, helping to either reunite missing soldiers and their families or find out more about those who were missing. She also became a lecturer and crowds of people came to hear her talk about her war experiences.
  • Clara showed an interest in helping people when her brother got very sick and she had to nurse him back to health. This led the way to her nursing soldiers and eventually creating the american red cross.
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By: Summer Warren