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Valitar was a production created by Mark Remley and his wife, Tatyana on their San Diego horse ranch back in 2012. Since, it has dazzled thousands of audience members with its commitment to outstanding acrobatics performed by horses and their riders. As seasoned riders and horse experts, the production repeatedly drew large crowds and was the source of praise from the horseback riding community.

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Valitar: Rooted in History

Valitar was an outstanding display of stunts performed by both person and horse. The show was a testimony to the possibilities that can arise from putting together the skills of both persons and animals. The show was a dramatic display of the person and horse relationship that has been developing over thousands of years.

Mark Remley and his wife, Tatyana, created the show called Valitar, which debuted in San Diego, California in November of 2012. Mark Remley and his wife, Tatyana, spent several years planning and developing their dream to make a show worthy of being the pioneer for this person-horse connection before finally implementing it into reality.

The show featured a cast of expert and expert riders with performers from all over the globe. Not only did the riders have to be talented acrobats, but they also had to be talented riders. Being able to do both is in the expert realm is something else entirely.

The acrobatic stunts preformed by the rider were not originally developed for the entertainment industry. The feats seen in Valitar were actually invented on the battlefield. Soldiers on horseback or cavalrymen were known to perform some very similar acrobatic feats to those featured in the show. This was in an attempt to better elude their opponents while being able to attack quickly and from an unanticipated angle. In Valitar’s case, those very talents translated into an ability to captivate and surprise their audiences, keeping them on the edge of their seats from the beginning to finish of each show.

Valitar - Riding Experts

Valitar was the dream turned reality for Mark Remley and his wife, Tatyana Remley. It was the undoubtedly dazzling display of the inner connection between person and horse. It was truly a one of a kind, live equestrian performance that featured the expert abilities of some of the best acrobats in the world, as well as some of the best horses in the industry. This type of riding takes a specific type of skill that many expert horseback riders can’t perform.

It is extremely different from that of western or dressage riding. This type of riding actually developed on the battlefield as soldiers attempted to use trick tactics in order to defeat their enemies. It wasn’t until later that these acrobatic feats were utilized in the entertainment business by cowboys and rodeo performers from around the world. Although the show differs incredibly from the stunts featured on the battlefield or in the early days of entertainment, but the skill level and physical challenge is similar.

During the spectacle that is Valitar, the expert riders have to maintain a high level of physical strength. Guiding the horse through each act while performing tricks themselves, requires frequent and rigorous training on the part of the rider. In addition to the riders, the horses had to be in top physical condition and extremely healthy. During Valitar, this was immensely important and the reason why a partnership with the Helen Woodward Animal Center was necessary. Mark and his wife contributed some of the proceeds from the show to the animal center in order to help animals in the San Diego area.