Summer Brain Training

School may be finished but learning isn't!

Keep your Child's Brain sharp this summer! Unlock the Genius within!

Summer holidays and breaks from school are a great opportunity to rest and recharge, but when the holidays are longer than a week or two, our children get out of routine, their brains slow down and functions become lazy. Keep your child's brain in top condition ready for the new school year by Training their Brain! We focus on improving the underlying cognitive skills needed for your child to function at a higher level within the classroom covering areas such as attention and concentration, speed of processing, auditory and visual processing and memory. Unlock the Genius within your child this summer!

Life changing oportunities

Our programmes are changing lives not only of the student's who take part but also for their families. Stop feeling guilty about your child's school struggles and achievements and start celebrating their life victories and accomplishments. Life should be lived to the full. Call us today and find out how we can help you or your child!