Model with Mathematics

Math Practice #4

An Example of Recognizing Math in Everyday Life and Using it to Solve Everyday Problems

Example: An interior design problem: Students will figure out the surface area for an interior design project. They will determine the surface area of a wall and the amount of paint or wall paper needed to cover the surface and compare the costs of the two. Students will pick the most cost efficient item to complete the project.

What the teacher is doing?

Teacher would demonstrate for students about how to determine surface area.

Websites and/or resources to determine costs of paint per gallon and costs of wallpaper/roll. (Sq. Ft.)

I can statement: I can determine the surface area for the amount of paint or wallpaper needed to complete the surface area project.

What the student is doing?

Determine the surface area of the room.

Compare the costs of paint to wallpaper by researching websites:



Draw conclusions on which is more cost effective based on calculations and reflect on which is more economical.