Becoming A Knight

  • To become a knight you would either have to be a son of a Noble or a Knight.
  • If you were a son of a Noble then when you were 8 years old you were sent to a neighboring castle where you were trained as a page.
  • You would spend most of your time strengthening your body,wrestling and riding on horses.
  • When you are 15 or 16 you became a squire in service of becoming a Knight.
  • Your duties would be:dressing the knight in the morning,serving all the knight's meals,caring for the knight's horse,and cleaning the knight's armor and weapons.


  • Each Squire was assigned to a knight.
  • One knight could have several squires.
  • Squires assisted the knight to whom he was assigned to.
  • Squires continued to learn how to fight and behave.


  • When a Squire proved himself in battle,and the knight thought he was ready too the squire could become a knight by him self.
  • Squires were knighted in ceremonies.

What it meant to be a knight.

  • It meant a lot in the Middle Ages to be a knight!
  • When a young boy (almost always of noble blood) was about 6 or 7 years old he was sent to the castle of his father's feudal lord to become a page. For about 8-9 years he served his lord carrying messages,fetching things,and etc.
  • Then when he was 14 or 15 he became a squire and was assigned (if you will) to a knight.

Who Did The Knight Serve? Also Was It A Paid Position or A Position Of Honor?

  • The knight served the king.
  • The knights got paid.

What Is The Code Of Chivalry?

  • The Code of Chivalry is the code of honorable behavior for Medieval Knights.

How Did A Man Become A Knight?

  • He went through steps.
  • He went through steps like step 1,2,3,4,and 5.

How did a knight dress and what type of equipment did he have?

  • He dressed in heavy body armor and could be equated to modern battle tanks.
  • The equipment that he had was knights were equipped with a variety of defensive garments and weapons,and trained to use nearly every weapon that would hurt.

Who Did the Knight fight against?

  • The knights would fight the people who would attack them.
  • Also they would attach their enemies.

How and Why were tournaments held?

  • Tournaments made for an excellent source of entertainment for the entire community.
  • the competitions themselves were not intended to be violent or dangerous; instead, they were designed as skill tests and displays of technique and talent.
  • At the same time, tournaments resulted in many injuries and even fatalities, despite the presence of Medieval physicians onsite at all times.

What is Jousting?

  • Jousting is a sport that consists martial competition where two knights fight with weapons.
  • Also Jousting is when people entertain themselves by watching knights Joust.

Two knights jousting