Virgenta Lane

Student at Houston Academy at International Studies ECHS


I am a seventeen-year-old student the goes to Houston Academy for International Studies. While attending this school I have received many awards like “Helping Hand”, “Most Congenial”, “Most Outgoing”, “Best AP Bio. Student”, “Most Likely to Travel” and many others. I am a kind, caring, responsible, and hardworking student. While being in high school I have made many close friends and have been involved in many clubs like Student Council for two years which one of those years I was elected Treasurer and was in charge of the budgeting and money management for the whole club. I am also apart of The National Honor Society where we as a group go out and attend many volunteer opportunities in our community, and also been a part of the International Club where we promoted global awareness and learned more about what’s really going on in the world around us. I also work as a hostess for about a year at Harold's in the Houston Heights off of 19th street. While working there and going to school I have learned how to manage my time and work. I'm great under pressure and getting things done at last minutes do to always having to do something. And before working as a hostess I was a waitress at Denny's and as a cashier at the Houston Ballet.
Impact India 2015
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