Student Life Weekly Newsletter

April 7th-11th

Because we love it when you're in the know

We're Overdue for a Movie Night - and this one features Q&A with one of the stars!

We are so excited for all of our films we'll be showing this quarter--and we have this fantastic film to start it off! Join us this Wednesday for a powerful documentary including love, tragedy and overcoming. One of the stars, Shane Bitney Crone, will be joining us for questions and conversation. If you have the chance, check out the link, and you can be just as excited as we are:

This week is Club Fair!

Do you like friends? We like friends, and we love it when there are things to do besides studying! Interested in Film-making? Creative Arts? Dancing? Japanese Culture? We've got a club for that! Come check it out and see what you can be apart of--or see what club you can add! The party will be outside, and of course--you are more than welcome to come. There will be pizza!

Don't forget to eat!

But if you do, we got your back--

Monday: Chopstix

It's so good @

Tuesday: Off the Rez

You gotta check it out @


It's the real deal @

Thursday: Curb Jumper

mmmm yum @