The secret life of bees

by ariana mendieta


the secret life of bees is basically about a 14 year old white girl from south carolina whomlives on a peach farm with her father his name is t ray hes very hes very abusive and neglectful , lily has terrible secret , she shot and killed her mother she has a housekeeper named rosaleen daise who takes care of lily for fourteen years


  • august boatwright
  • June boatwright
  • Rosaleen daise
  • lily owens
  • t ray owens

Character analysis for lily owens

trait 1 : deppressed

eviedence - accidently killed her mother

Trait 2: scared

evidence- father is very very abusive

Quote from or about character

" i have found that if you love life , life will love you back "


family isnt fun

important event ( briefly summarize)

she runs away to go live with her nanny they all move to Tiburon South Carolina


i think highschoolers will enjoy this book because they would undrstand

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