Welcome to the Shimek Library

January 2016

Happy New Year!

We are excited about another great year of learning in the Shimek library!

Library Learning

Kindergarten The kindergartners are learning how to use shelf markers and choose their very own Everybody books. We are also continuing our Laura Numeroff author study. In the lab, we have started using KidPix 3D, and the students are loving drawing pictures on the computers!
First Grade The first graders finished their unit on Iowa Goldfinch award books. We also completed our study of fantasy vs. realistic fiction stories. We have read some awesome books, including Memoirs of a Hamster, Crankenstein, and Ball.

Second Grade The second graders have finished their unit on Iowa Goldfinch award books. We are finishing up our study of fiction vs. nonfiction books. On Tuesday, the students had stations during library class, where they sorted books into fiction and nonfiction piles, made posters of fiction and nonfiction books, and sorted books in a smartboard activity.

Third and Fourth Grade It's time for the Optimist Good Reader Program! This awesome six-week reading program encourages the students to expand their reading options and find new genres that they enjoy. Third and fourth graders are encouraged to read 1 fantasy, 1 historical fiction, 1 realistic fiction, 1 book of poetry, 1 folktale, 1 biography, 2 nonfiction, and 1 award-winning book. All books should be at the student's reading level. The deadline is February 19. During library class we are discussing what makes up the different genres and reading brief examples of each. This is a district-wide program; we appreciate your support in helping your child succeed!
Fifth Grade The fifth grade students recently completed a unit on plagiarism - what it is and why it is wrong. We are now learning how to use a program called Comic Life, which allows students to let their creative energy shine while creating beautiful comic pages using their own images! The fifth graders will use Comic Life to do a book report soon.
Sixth Grade The sixth grade students have been learning how to find reliable sources using Google Advanced Search. They now know how to search by domain, how to search for pdf's and Powerpoint presentations, how to search by region, plus much more. In our new unit, the students will discover how to evaluate a website for credibility and usefulness.

Library Days

Tuesday - 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade

Wednesday - Muhlenbruch's K, 5th grade, 6th grade

Thursday - Kalsem's K, 4th grade

The Shimek Library Loves Books

Students are welcome to come to the library and check out books any day of the week. Our books are meant to be read, not to sit on the shelves. Stop by any time!

Linda Johnson, librarian

Peggy Fitzgerald, secretary