Emma Barba

My Great Grandmother On My Mothers Side

The Beginning

Emma Barba was born on November 12, 1900 in Gaeta, Italy. Her parents were Raymond and Florence Barba. Emma was one of three children in her family. Emma had an older brother named John, and a younger sister named Francis.


Before Emma's adult years, she had to get prepared for her life ahead. So, she found herself a job at her Uncle John's grocery store.

When Emma got older, in her 20's, she had met a man named Richard. Over the years, Emma and Richard dated and dated until they were on the road to marriage. Richard and Emma were married on December 28, 1922 in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Emma Barba was now the new Emma Venti. Richard and Emma had a total of three children : Florence, Donald, and Richard. Sadly, Donald died when he was an infant at around one year old.

Emma Venti had then started to work at the local woman's club, and she had also worked at the election center where she would help count votes on any subject that was going on during that time period.

Important events that occurred during her lifetime

During my great grandmothers lifetime, there were many events that had occurred during her lifetime. In my opinion, the four main events that had occurred during her lifetime were the First and Second World War, The Korean War, and The Vietnam War. Those definitely had made a huge impact on her life, and her family's lives as well. There were some events as well that had occurred during her lifetime : the invention of the television, the invention of the radio, the invention of the telephone, and the invention of washing and drying machines. Before the washing machines were invented, Emma had washed all clothes by hand with a scrub board. She then would hang all clothes to dry after she had washed them, before the drying machines were invented. For more household items, there was no electric refrigerator invented yet, so they would have an ice man deliver a block of ice every-so-often to their house to keep all food chilled inside the refrigerator.


When Emma was reaching her last years of her amazing life, her children were out living their own lives. Richard had met a wonderful woman named Mary Ann, and they got married, and had four kids with the names of Karen, Nancy (My Mom), Michael, and Katherine. A couple of years later, Mary Ann passed away in 1980.

Emma's other child Florence had passed away later on in her lifetime from cancer.

Emma Venti had then retired out of her own home, and into a Nursing Home in Tigard, Oregon. Emma lived an amazing and eventful life. Many people loved her sweet, and loving self, and were sad to see her go.

Emma Barba Venti passed away on August 4, 1998 in her nursing home in Tigard, Oregon from dementia, and old age.

I am so blessed that Emma was on this Earth for a long period of time. If she was never born, I wouldn't be here today.