Famous Texan: The Undertaker

One of the most feared wrestlers in WWE.

Undertaker Quick Bio

Mark William Calaway, also known in WWE as the Undertaker, is one

of the most feared wrestlers of all time. Calaway was born on March 24,1965 in Houston, Texas. He went to college at Texas Wesleyan University. He is currently age 51.

Rise of a Wrestler

The Undertaker debuted his wrestling in 1984.

Undertaker at the prime of his career.....

He is the three time WWE Heavyweight Champion, six time tag team champion, and Royal Rumble champion in 2007. He had a feud with Hulk Hogan and they went at it in the WWF Championship.

What's left of the Undertaker?

Yes, the Undertaker is old and will soon retire, but that dosen't stop the fear from flowing through the opponent's heart. The man is a Texan which a lot of Texas kids are inspired to be a WWE star because of him. The Undertaker is a influencial man of wrestling when it comes to Texas.
Undertaker vs. CM Punk

Why I chose the Undertaker....

I chose this famous Texan because the Undertaker is my favorite WWE wrestler and he is from Texas. I never knew that.