Hercules Defense Team


Why Hercules Is Innocent...

My character is Hercules. He is just a misunderstood hero. Hercules has done many good things in his life, but people tend to remember what he has done wrong. Yes, Hercules killed his son and wife, but he was in the right state of mind because Hera had cast a magical spell on him that mad him go insane. After Hercules killed his family, he felt bad and wanted to be purified so he went to Eurystheus who gave him 12 different labors. Hercules did many great things while completing these labors. He chased the man eating mares away which in the end saved more lives. There are many more reason to prove why Hercules is innocent and should not be placed in prison.

Closing Arguments

Final Points

• When Hercules killed his family, he was under a powerful spell set by Hera.