Newsletter Week 2 Term 3

St Peter's College 6th August 2021


Kia ora e te whanau

The Board of Trustees is currently in the midst of planning the schools strategic plan and goals for the next three years. We thank everyone who has shared their feedback and views in the recent online surveys, and it was also very valuable to have a discussion session with our servant leadership students on where they see the direction of St Peter’s College. This is the perfect time therefore to reflect on what we want a St Peter’s College graduate to be and plan for how they get there. All parents worry about their child’s future and how they will turn out in life, and we are here as teachers to support that journey.

From my perspective I believe all young people turn out well if they and their whanau commit to four aspects of school life:

1. They attend school every day from Year 7 right to the last day of Year 13.

2. They play a sport or participate in an extra curricula activity for their community.

3. They never experiment with drugs.

4. Their parents are involved in their education.

I could almost guarantee life success if these four conditions are followed. These four conditions cover four important areas of life:

1. Academic resilience.

2. Teamwork and community.

3. Barriers.

4. Example and encouragement.

So, what do I think is the St Peter’s College graduate? How would I describe her or him?

1. A person of courage: faces issues head on, speaks out about injustice, always completes tasks.

2. A person of hope: Life is always better tomorrow. Never wallows in failures or past mistakes.

3. A person of service: Has learnt that life is about giving back to their community, their family, their school. Life is about the other person - not themselves.

4. A person who is authentic: Has taken on board the St Peter’s College values of Community, Commitment and Compassion. Says yes instead of no.

5. A person that knows life comes from God: Knows we will eventually return to him, lives with gratitude and daily prayer.

6. A person who has to gain academic credentials: Wants to be equal with others in New Zealand and in the world, in their chosen career.

7. A person who understands teamwork and community: Makes sensible personal decisions and is not swayed by public opinion or the latest fads.

If we insist on this bigger picture of life and the four conditions for living it, we will continue to produce excellent young people who exemplify these characteristics.

To conclude our community consultation on the strategic plan I would like to specifically invite parents and caregivers of our Maori families to a whanau hui on Wednesday 18th August in the staffroom at 7pm to share some kai and have a shared dialogue on the direction you would like to see the school go in over the next three years. All parents and caregivers welcome, not just Maori.

Thank you to those students and families who registered an interest in the April 2022 Cultural Hikoi to Northland as explained in a recent email home. Registrations have now closed, and successful applicants will be notified next week, with a meeting arranged for parents and students with more details. Due to the length of time away and potential demands of this hikoi the decision has been made to restrict the age of students attending to Years 9 and above in 2022. For the Year 7 and 8 students missing out this time there will be further opportunities like this in the future. I would like to thank all the staff who have put so much of their own time and effort into the planning of this event already.

Tara Quinney


Career Pathways Department

With only 11 weeks to go the students at the Trades Academy are making good progress with their projects. Below is Nicola Mitchell who has completed a cabinet. The plan is then to start making a shed with her group.

This month St Peter's College and Gore High School will be hosting a Trades Evening at the Gore Town and Country Club. Details are on the poster. Students and parents are invited to hear about the various trades and we will have SIT and Otago Polytechnic there to speak about their trades training. Local employers in most trades will also be there and it is a great chance to have a one-on-one conversation about local apprenticeships that are available.

For students planning on tertiary study now is a good time to log onto the University website that you are applying to and check out their available scholarships.

Nicola Mitchell

Trades Evening 26th August at Gore Town and Country Club

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Southland Charity Hospital mufti day

St Peter's College took part in the SCH day. Thank you to all of you who donated.
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Most blazer fittings have been completed; however, if your child has not yet been fitted for one please let Mrs Egan know. All forms must be handed into the office or texted to Mrs Egan (027 208 0442 - no voice messages please) by Monday, 9th August.

Culture Festival at Town and Country Club - Friday, 30th July

St Peter's College were fortunate enough to have the Kapa Haka group and a number of students perform at the Hokonui Culture Festival last Friday.

Nicola and Maegan Mitchell

Kapa Haka Group performing

Kapa Haka Group

Terry Chung and Chris Yau sang a lovely duet in Cantonese

Dada Chantaraviroj, Bronte Mackereth and Somi Park performed a Hip hop dance

Some of our students enjoying the delicious foods on offer

George Hedley had a successful Speedway season

George Hedley had a successful speedway season in 2021. The season ran from September 2020-April 2021. During this time he became more confident driving his car and being able to take the corners at a faster speed passing fellow competitors. George is looking forward to this coming season as it is his last year racing his ministock car. He will then move to the next grade which is 6 shooters.

George received the title of "Riverside Speedway Southland Youth Ministock Champion 2020"

at Central Motor Speedway Prizegiving last month, receiving trophies for:

  • 1st place in Central Motor Speedway Ministock Goldrush Challenge
  • Club Ministock Champion
  • Most club points for Ministock drivers
  • Youth Ministock Driver of the Year
  • 1st in Mixed pairs


Winter tournament is only just over three weeks away. Please remember to hand in all student contracts and medical forms.

Mixed Hockey tournament team will have practices at the Gore hockey turf on Wednesdays until the tournament starts on 30th August. These will commence Wednesday, 11th August, from 4-5pm.

Big Day Out

On Thursday, 5th August, the Year 10 students went to the MLT Stadium where they participated in a variety of sports including ice sports, pickle ball, archery tag, netball and cricket. This was a great success; we were so proud of all the Year 10 students who contributed to this day. Their attitudes and behaviour were outstanding. Thank you to Mr Sanson for helping on the day.

New sports registration and payment procedure reminder:

Once you have signed forms and sporty registrations giving your permission for your child to enter a sports team, tournament or event, there will be no refunds unless a medical certificate is provided. This is to ensure events can go ahead and that the appropriate costs are covered. Please make sure your child is able to attend before signing these documents.

Upcoming sporting events:

Badminton Championships – Thursday, 12th August

SISS Winter Tournament Week – Monday, 30th August – Friday, 3rd September

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Sports Registrations/ Events/ Draws will be online!

Keep an eye on the newsletter if you are interested in entering an event.

For registrations and draws, please use the St Peter's College Facebook Sports page and also the St Peter's College website.

Schools Apps NZ (if you do not have this go to Play store app and download).

If you require any further information email or come and see Jess Young in the PE office.

Coming up.......

Year 13 PE Camp - 8th August - 10th August

PTFA meeting - 10th August, at 7pm

Board of Trustees Meeting - 11th August

Otago University course planning - 11th August

Lincoln University course planning - 13th August

Bishop's Shield, Oamaru - 13th August - 15th August

Teacher Only Day - 16th August (Monday)

Whanau Conferencing, Years 9 - 13 & Years 7 & 8 Specialist - 18th August, 2-7pm

International Sports Day - 19th August

Year 8 Deep Cove Camps - 25th August - 3rd September

Trades Evening at Gore T & C - 26th August, 5pm

School PickUp

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