Scientific Revolution

The Intellectual Movement has begun!

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What was the change exactly?

Before the Scientific Revolution, people depended on the Church since religion dominated almost all of society! They did not even attempt to challenge the ways of thinking; they threw in random scientific theories that have not been proven. For example, the Geocentric model was introduced to the people which lasted over 2000 years! The Geocentric model was a model of Earth located in the center of the orbit which meant that the Sun revolved around Earth. Eventually, the Scientific Revolution was born! The Scientific Revolution was the period in which scientists changed and challenged new ideas of physics, astronomy, chemistry, and other subjects that correlates to science. The major change revolved around 4 scientists that explored the questioned and dark, hidden secret of the world. The scientific Revolution was only enabled because of the Renaissance which enabled people, from young to old, to challenge the way of thinking. Thus is called the Scientific Revolution!

Caption: The picture in the top right is a picture of Geocentric Model
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Top 4 Major Scientists who were associated with the change.

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton is an English physicist who was in December 25, 1642 and died at the age of 46 on March 20, 1726. Sir Isaac Newton was a scientist who studied about Universal Gravitation. He was able to start his research because he sat under an apple tree; an apple dropped on his head then to the ground. He questioned why the apple dropped onto the ground instead of floating towards left, right, above, or even mid-air. During his research, he established the Law of Universal Gravitation which states that every objects in the universe attracts every other object. Thus, he created the 3 Laws of Motions: 1st law also known as the "Law of Inertia" (tendency of object to stay at rest), 2nd law (the greater the mass, the greater the force that is needed, and 3rd law (for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction). Sir Isaac Newton established a book called "Mathematical Principles of natural Philosophy" which states that the universe was like a giant clock (

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Caption: A picture of Sir Isaac Newton that shows him sitting under an apple tree when he first questioned himself of how the apple fell upon his head.

How did the change impacted society at the time?

It influenced young, new generation to challenge the accepted ways of thinking into a farther levels. Because of the accepted ways of thinking had much more sense and explanation behind it, the Church wasn't as trusted since the major scientists actually had supporting facts. Thus helped people to not rely on the Church if there's no real supporting fact behind it; made people less dependent towards the church. Furthermore, people had improved technologies that helped people understand about the whole world and how it functions in a whole new level. Therefore, this increased the economic drastically!

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

People are still challenging ways of thinking; therefore, people continued to discovered more and more unbelievable discoveries and technologies that was yet to be found during the Scientific Revolution. For example, Galileo's telescope inspired people to develop telescopes that grants a farther range that views galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters. Additionally, people found out Pluto wasn't part of our system since it doesn't orbit around the sun in an elliptical movement (Johannes Kepler). Overall, people are still using the 4 major scientists: Copernicus Nicolaus, Kepler Johannes, Galileo Galiei, and Isaac Newton, as a basic foundation in order to find out unknown, complex mysterious.