Stuff for Wednesday, 12.05.2016

Suggestions for the house and random shit

We are invited to the opera on Sunday

Sunday, May 15th, 11am

70-72 Bulevardul Mihail Kogălniceanu

București, Municipiul București

Below are the details (in English) about the opera. It's "Haensel and Gretel", I saw it last year, it's very very nice, and Silke could come, as well, it has a lot of colours and lights. Alina Bottez invited us, because she is going to be the witch, but we need to confirm by 11:00 today. Let me know if you want to go. If we take Silke, in case she needs to take a break, I can go out with her, since I already saw the show and I know it.

This is the desk I decided I want to have

It's just as expensive as the other one (OK, 20 lei more, but still) and it has these extra features. I think it would make me happy.

The other one would be this one, but it would need some additional things:

Your Wednesday special

I know how much you like the Addams, so here is something that will make your day better (or gloomier, as is the case with them). Enjoy!
Wednesday Addams Best Quotes and Moments
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Just to keep the atmosphere from the Addams, here is something just as gloomy. And moist! Moist!