By Haylee Weightman and Kaitlyn Prondzinski

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a teenage girl?

Reading the book Speak you find out what it is like to be in the mind of a teenager. You are traveling through Melinda's thoughts as she conquers her first year of high school. As she struggles with her home life and with friends, you find out how cruel some people can be. Last summer Melinda called the cops on a popular summer party, and because of this, she finds herself all alone with no one to talk too. Constantly having battles with herself in her mind, she realizes things about herself that she didn't know before.
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Does anyone really care about her?

Feeling trapped, Melinda decides to do something to make people notice her...

But does anyone really care? What does her mom say about this?

Who is IT?

What does IT do to make her fear them? What do they do to make her not able to trust anyone? And most importantly... Who is IT?

What does Heather do?

Melinda knows she's an outcast. Someone who doesn't belong. As she sinks deeper into depression, she starts to drag her best friend (Heather) down with her. Does Heather stay and help her?

What happened that night?

What happened at the summer party, and why does everyone hate her for it? Why can't she tell anyone?

So many questions...

There are so many questions racing through your mind as you travel through the book Speak. But the only way to answer them is to read the words on the page... Read Speak!