Moe Abdin

Career Orientation

"The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron is connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe" -Michio Kaku

who am i?

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My Brain (its not that cool)

Although I use both the left and right side of my brain depending on the thought process necessary, I am most comfortable while using the Left side of my brain. That means that I am comfortable in structure, control, focus, direction, organization, mathematical and analytically skills, planning, and logical thinking. However, sometimes I need more creativity, abstract, artistry, in general more fun in my life.

Decision Making

Analytical Style

When making decisions I tend to follow the Analytical style. People with that decision making style are intellectual, want control, impersonal, skilled in organizing facts and establishing controls, and want to be able to predict outcomes. Others sometimes perceive my decision making as over controlling, too careful, and sometimes too slow. The best organizational fit for my type of decision making is one that allows for planning or solving complex is important, such as science or engineering.

My Personality Type

#1 Green

I have a green personality. I listen for material necessary to solve a problem. I tune out trivia. I often miss body language and tone because I am so focused on the words. When I communicate I like to get to the point, am logical, analyze facts, and I think before speaking. My frustrations are small talk, failure, and being wrong publicly.

what do i want?

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My Top 3 Career Choices

How do i get it?

top 3 colleges

It starts now!

Bentonville High School

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9th – get good grades, get involved, start a resume of all activities/accomplishments

10th – keep grades up, take PSAT and/or PLAN, maintain resume

11th – boost GPA, take ACT and/or SAT, maintain resume

12th – get letters of recommendation, apply to schools, complete the FASFA, apply for scholarships

Graduation Date

Saturday, May 18th 2019 at 8am

285 Stadium Dr

Fayetteville, AR

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Not the end, only the beginning!