Let's Save Energy

Ideas on energy saving

So why is saving energy important?

Well energy helps us do things like run a car, make coffee, watch TV, and much more you might use every day. So it is important because its a main part in your every day life.

But saving energy is also important because you cant do all those things without energy. So if you save it you can do more things and save money. And that is why I believe saving energy is important

Ideas for energy saving at home

My idea is to use more solar panels. Yes they are expensive to buy but once you have them they save a quite a bit of energy and you don't have to do anything but let them just sit there and give you power for your house. So using this at your house can be very useful in saving energy and money.

For the community

i believe wind turbines can help community's with their power saving because they can put the wind turbines around the neighborhood. And they should not bother anyone. And this will save energy by using the wind as a resource and this may not work in every community but for others it will be very useful.

in the schools

I believe the power saving answer for schools is biomass yes this might be gross but useful. Because hundreds and hundreds of students are there. And burning all the trash and waste can be useful and that is why I think the answer is biomass.