Antony Marriage

Antony Wife (Fulvia)

Fulvia , Antony ex-wife died and that Pompey is raising an army to rebel against the triumvirate, Antony decides to return to Rome. In Antony’s absence,

What Happened With Antony's LIfe

In Egypt, Cleopatra learns of Antony’s marriage and flies into a jealous rage. However, when a messenger delivers word that Octavia is plain and unimpressive, Cleopatra becomes confident that she will win Antony back. The triumvirs meet Pompey and settle their differences without going to battle. Antony meets Caesar’s troops in battle and scores an unexpected victory. When he learns of Enobarbus’s desertion, Antony laments his own bad fortune, which he believes has corrupted an honorable man

Archetype - Antony

Antony is the husband of Fulvia and Octovia when he marrieds octovia he gets in trouble and fights in wars because he made a mistake

Although he married fulvia , fulvia was send to be dead like someone send to kill fulvia which im guessing is somebody that has to be with octavia

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My Question

I dont understand why he got married so fast and how he didmt care when fulvia died and just got married with ceasar sister