The Serena Scoop

A Peek at the Week of September 9, 2019

Augmented Reality Glasses

This week in the Innovation Lab, some classes worked at creating augmented reality glasses. The glasses when worn would insert something into the wearers view to help them. Some of the ideas were, a picture representation of a word to help children learn new vocabulary or a sick child in the hospital could put on the glasses and see Mickey Mouse in their hospital room to make them feel better. The students then used Legos to create their glasses.

Game Club

Game Club will begin meeting this week. It is held Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:15-4:15. This club is sponsored by Mr. Adams. We hope students are looking forward to having fun and joining in some healthy competition!

Serena Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday, Sep. 11th, 3-5pm

255 Pleasant Drive

Chicago Heights, IL

Daily Attendance

Our attendance just keeps getting better! Thank you to all the families getting students to school on time! Last year on September 5th we had 15 absences and 6 tardies. The picture below shows our great statistics! WOW!
Big picture