The Bad Beginning

By: Lemony Snicket


This book is about three children, and they have lost their parents in a tragic house fire. They have left their fortune to the three young children. Now they are sent to live with their long-lost relative, Count Olaf, by Mr. Poe, an old family friend. This family has an enormous fortune that Count Olaf would love to get his hands on. So, since he is now their "father," the children are forced to do house work every day like painting bedrooms, making supper for thirteen people, and being forced to participate in an awful play that Count Olaf is starring in. Throughout his house Count Olaf has pictures of eyes hanging up, or carved in the doors, and even tattooed on his leg!


The characters were Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. Also, there was Mr. Poe and Count Olaf. Mr. Poe was a family friend. Count Olaf was a long-lost relative.


This story takes place in a huge filthy house! It has insects, wine bottles, and dirty floors! Then, the kids decide to go next door to Justice Strauss's library, their neighbor, where they find out Olaf's plan.